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Mmm, crack!
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Hello, and welcome to mmm_jrockcrack! The AIM Role Play community based off the jrockhumor series, “Who Hacked In To Kaoru/Kai’s SN?” All RPs take place mainly in a large AIM chat room created by members with the label “mmmcrack” in the title. All OOC conversations are to be taken place in a separate chat, as OOC behavior is not to be exhibited within the crack chat. RP logs are posted by mods or members in the community, with tags displaying who it was that was involved in the chat. RPing can be taken to one on one AIM windows, but we strongly encourage group RPing rather than that. This is a crack community, therefore we have no plot and do not want one. However there will be the occasional sub-plot for entertainment purposes, usually created by your Supaa-Mod vocalnokyodesu. This community constantly touches on the rumors and assumptions of the jrockfanbase, so any sensitivity towards those subjects means you are not fit for this RP.

JROCK CRACK IS NOW OPEN TO KPOP AND JPOP MEMBERS! That’s right, we’re expanding our horizons and now encourage people to RP people from bands ranging from Super Junior to Morning Musume. However no actors, actresses, or AMERICANS are allowed. This is a JRock, JPop, and KPop based RP!

So welcome, and enjoy your stay.

1. NO. DRAMA. This is a CRACK role play, people. We don’t want to hear from, let’s say, Yura that Aya cheated on him and he is now going to kill himself and the mun is being completely serious. However, CRACK drama such as Kyo going to kill himself but really just wants people to look at him is acceptable. See the difference? The latter was a joke on the character, the former was the mun being a drama whore.

2. Look through our logs to see how our RPs are formatted.

3. To request a character, please go to the Character Request Post and fill out an application.

4. No more than 2 Characters per person. It’s just common courtesy, people.

5. After 4 weeks of inactivity, our moderators WILL boot you from the roleplay. We understand if you have lives, but this RP requires dedication and commitment. Most of us here don’t have lives and are on 24/7. Every 2 weeks there will be a post about inactivity with warnings for those who are at risk of being booted.

6. If you have a problem with a member or a moderator, please refer to teh_chaney, as she is a Canadian Pacifist, lailu, as she is God, or vocalnokyodesu, as she is SupaaModFATTY. However, do not contact bukkakeinureye as she does not care about your problems.

7. Sexual situations are common here. If you don’t like NC-17 behavior, don’t join. EDIT BY GOD: And if you don't mind NC-17, try to make it GOOD RP sex.

8. Feel confused or left out? IM one of the aforementioned mods and we’ll fill you in on what everything means and try our best to make you feel comfortable. :) (What a lie. Fatty won't do anything. You're probably better off just throwing a Twinkie at her and walking away.)

9. If your name is Kaysi, get the fuck out.

10. Have fun.

To see who is taken, please refer to the Character List. After that, please fill out an application at the Character Request Post and a mod will approve you ASAP.